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Crisis Intervention Team Training

Updated 8/30/2011


The WSCJTC provides training for criminal justice personnel responding to people in mental health crisis. The training, called Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT), involves working in a team with mental health practitioners, law enforcement, medical personnel, and other first responders to provide the best services possible to the individual in mental health crisis. This training is currently offered statewide by agencies that include, but are not limited to:
- Wenatchee Police Department

- Longview Police Department
- Kennewick Police Department
- Olympia Police Department

In 2008 the WSCJTC created a curriculum manual with Suggested Course Materials on CIT. The WSCJTC also has informational guides from the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations regarding CIT as well.

- Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) Suggested Course Materials-WSCJTC 53108

- Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses, Strategies for Effective Law EnforcementTraining-Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) 2008
- A Guide to Implementing Police-Based Diversion Programs for People with Mental Illness-Melissa Reuland, January 2004, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


These manuals are available to criminal justice agencies upon request (see below for contact information).


In 2010, the WSCJTC partnered with King County Mental Health to provide CIT Training to first responders in working or assigned to King County. CIT-King CO training has been set up to include 40-hour Basic training, in-service, and much more. Please see below for detailed information and to review the training schedules for CIT training for King County and statewide.

Crisis Intervention Team Training – King CO, Course #8070

This 40-hour class is designed to educate law enforcement officers on issues related to becoming a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officer. The course will cover the legal aspects of mental health commitments; liability issues; mental disorders; indicators of mental illness; understanding mental illness; documentation; the interpersonal relations necessary to effectively work with the mentally ill, their families, and the mental health system; and intervention strategies for dealing with both low and high risk situations. Students will participate in role playing scenarios during this class.

“This class is provided in accordance with the Mental Illness and Drug Dependency (MIDD) Plan strategy #10a – Crisis Intervention Training Program for King County Sheriff, Police, Jail Staff, and Other First Responders.”

Commissioned law enforcement personnel will receive backfill reimbursement for their attendance at this training based on a backfill rate of $55/hour per MIDD contract. Agencies must complete a backfill reimbursement form to be eligible for the reimbursement. Lunch and breaks will be provided while attending this class as noted in the MIDD contract.

CIT-King CO Trainings

The CIT-King County Program officers CIT training for King County criminal justice agencies with a variety of classes. Those include:

CIT-King CO 911/Dispatch Train the Trainer

CIT-King CO Corrections Train the Trainer

CIT-King CO Executive Roundtable Trainings

NEW! CIT-King CO CIT-Youth: 


UPDATE: ALL CLASSES FULL. CIT-King CO 40-Hour Basic Trainings:

2012 Class Schedule will be posted in October/November 2011. 



CIT-King CO 8-Hour In-Service Trainings:

Statewide CIT Trainings

WSCJTC offers CIT Training at the statewide level for a variety of classes. Those include:

Crisis Intervention Team 40-Hour Basic


Crisis Intervention Team Advanced


Mental Health First Aid for Criminal Justice

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)-Youth

To locate trainings in your area click on the following link:

Save the date!

CIT Regional Conference 2012-AUGUST 6-8, 2012

Keynote speaker: Mark Prothero, attorney for Gary Ridgeway, topic "Defending Ridgeway-Green River Serial Killer." 




There are many resources available that pertain to Crisis Intervention Team training. These resources include county, statewide, and national information.
Click the link to begin your search.

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CIT-King County Program Staff

Sergeant Don Gulla, CIT-King CO Program Coordinator
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Ret. Sergeant Lisbeth Eddy, CIT-King CO Program Instructor
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Rachelle Parslow, CIT-King CO Program Administrator
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Statewide CIT Program Manager

Bob Graham, Central Sound & Southwest Regional Training Manager
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Office Fax: 206-835-7926

General Email:
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