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Instructions for certification of canine teams can be found on the application form which must be submitted to the Commission for certification. Outdated Forms will no longer be accepted.

Canine Team Certification Request Form-(PDF)

WSCJTC Canine Performance Standards-(PDF or Word format)

WSPCA Certification Performance Standards (PDF)

Canine WAC 139-05-915 (View Website)


DOC Narcotic Dog Academy

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The memorial is located at the Burien WSCJTC campus. Dedicated January 31, 2003, it was sculpted by Zachary James Adam,

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What are the requirements for certifying canine teams? Certification requirements for canine teams can be found in WAC 139-05-915.

Can I use my canine on the street while I wait to be certified? No, the canine team must complete and receive the basic certification prior to use in service.

Who is authorized to certify a canine team? The Training Commission will recognize the use of an Evaluator who has a minimum of three years experience as a dog handler and is a recognized trainer of canines by a professional organization of police and/or corrections dog handlers/trainers. Lead trainers for organizations with multiple canine officers will also be recognized as evaluators for that organization.

What training/performance standards must be meet for state recognition? The training standards are outlined in the WAC, and the performance standards are available in PDF format. Download now.

How often must the team be certified? The state mandates one certification, however the WAC recommends that the team certify according to the performance standards a minimum of once each year, and that the agency maintain those records.

What if my canine team is currently certified with a professional organization? The Training Commission recognizes the certification of the WSPCA as an equivalent for certification at this time. Other organizations that maintain a performance standard for canine teams may be recognized at the request of the head of the agency.


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