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Our lending library is OPEN! We have a variety of training books and videos available for use by Washington PSAPs at no cost. See what is available from our Lending Library!

Mini-Module Training On-duty, roll call type training helps achieve training mandates, allows the agency to reiterate its core values and mission through regular exposure to those values and it also helps employees absorb information in more manageable doses.

Read more about Mini-Module Training!   Mini-Module Training makes every day a training day.

Getting Regional Training

Interested in training in your region? Well, we’d like to hear from you! Our regional trainers come with everything they need to put on a class, if you provide us a training room, tables and chairs for the students. Yes, heat and electricity are required, too!

A list of local hotels, eateries and any other services available to reduce the cost to the students and the program are always welcomed! Contact Us

WA-COM Adult Training Model

Under Construction

What is PBL?

Problem-based learning acknowledges that each adult learner brings with him or her to the classroom, a series of skills, abilities and life experiences that may be applied in his/her role as a public safety telecommunicator. It sets in place at the beginning of the class a series of rules that include:


  • You are responsible for your own learning.
  • If you do not understand something, ask.
  • In the course of each day, you will act as a facilitator, recorder/presenter and/or timekeeper within your work group.

Read more about Telecommunicator Training Using Problem Based Learning!


National Standards
Under Ongoing Construction