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This Academy is 160 hours in length [4 weeks]. It is designed to provide training for employees whose primary job function is to provide for the custody, safety and security of adults in jails. The COA provides participants with the basic knowledge and skills needed for safe and effective service. Training Coordinators act as coaches and mentors to individuals and the group as a whole. Professionalism and decorum are encouraged for officers to develop pride and ownership for conduct. Students are also organized into teams with student Team Leaders serving to enhance group performance. Practical Skills application and testing is conducted via skills clinics and class quizzes. The final examination is a written test focusing on cumulative knowledge of the entire Academy. The Final is scenario-based; prompting students to assess the appropriate application of technical information gained from class learning and student materials.


Upon hire, applicants must be registered to attend our 160 hour Basic Corrections Academies training within the initial first 6 months WAC 139-10-210.

The WSCJTC requires applicants to pass a fitness ability test prior to entry into the academy. All academy recruits must be physically able to actively and fully participate in the defensive drills and other required physical activities in accordance with
WAC 139-10-212.


Failure to demonstrate a requisite level of fitness within the overall assessment will result in ineligibility for academy attendance and completion.

Problem-Based Learning

Instruction blocks include:

• Assessment and Testing

• Written Exams/Quizzes

• Skills Clinic

• Mock Scene Testing

• Defensive Tactics

• Journaling

• Final Presentation

Professionalism and Managing Inmates (PBLE #1): Levels of Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Long-term Stress, Behavior Management Model

Corrections Communication (PBLE #2): Supervision and Discipline, Handling and Making Requests, Mentally Ill/Suicide, HIPPA, ADA

Legal Issues (PBE #3): HIPPA, PREA, Turner vs. Safety, RILUPA

Intake Processes (PBLE#4): Gangs, Drugs, Strip/Pat Search, Weapons, Citizenship Status, Officer Safety, Restraints

Conducting Searches (PBLE #5): Pat/Frisk

Safety and Security (PBLE #6): Transports, Report Writing, Strip/Pat Search, Weapons, Officer Safety, Restraints, Report Writing

Safety and Security (PBLE #7): Cell Search, Report Writing, Strip/Pat Search, Weapons, Officer Safety, PREA, Suicide, Report Writing

Other: Report Writing and Correspondence, Tactical Thinking, Anti-Manipulation, Critical Incident, Gangs

Security Management Skills: Contraband, Cell Search, Pat/Frisk, Transportation, Leg/Waist Restraints

Defensive Tactics: Use of Force, Defensive Tactics, Defensive Tactics Testing, Ground and Team Tactics Assessment


Prerequisite: This Academy is for county and other jurisdictional jail and institutional officers.

Application: Corrections Division Academy Application.doc / Corrections Division Academy Application.pdf


Submit Application: Nichol Girten, Registrar - Fax: 206.835.7922 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Questions: Brandon Rogel, Assistant Commander - 206.835.7349 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



PAT Info: The Physical Abilities Test (COA PAT Guidelines.pdf) will be conducted prior to the start of the Academy. As part of the Academy registration process, agencies will also be notified of the test date and location via the Student Acceptance Letter.  The COA Statement of Fitness.pdf needs to be completed six (6) months prior to attending an Academy.

*NOTE FOR PAT DATES* - W=West side of mountains (WSCJTC Burien Campus) / E=East side of mountains (Spokane County SO Training Center)


PAT (W) at 1:00pm CJTC Map.pdf / PAT (E) at 1:30pm Spokane Map.pdf