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Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration Academy (JRAA) #1047

This class is: Sponsored (What does this mean?)

This class is 80 hours in length and is designed to provide training for entry-level juvenile justice employees responsible for the care, custody and safety of youth housed in county and state facilities, and who also carry a counseling caseload. Representative job classes include but are not limited to, Juvenile Detention Workers with caseload responsibilities, Juvenile Corrections Officers with caseload responsibilities, Juvenile Rehabilitation Counselors 1 and 2.

As mandated by WAC 139-10-240, this academy includes the following core institutional management skills: Observation Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Supervision of Youth, and Discipline of Youth. It also includes Leading by Example; Overview of the Juvenile Justice System; Legal Issues; Mental Health, Residential Case Management & Counseling. Personal Safety Training and Aerobic activity is part of this course and a fitness waiver is required.

Instruction Blocks

Leading by Example: Standards of Conduct, Interpersonal Communication, Effective Techniques for Understanding

Overview of the Juvenile Justice System: Balanced Approach, Restorative Justice and an Overview of the Different Systems Within the Juvenile System

Legal Issues: Laws that Impact Treatment, Constitutional Amendments, Liability Issues

Mental Health: Special Needs of Offenders, Suicide, Drugs and Alcohol, Management Techniques, Terminologies

Gender Issues: Demographics of the Female Offender, Treatment Needs for Females, Why Restorative Justice Works

Personal Safety: Cooper Awareness Scale, Personal Hazards, Possible Weapons and Escape Route in the Workplace, Legal Issues

Gangs: Intervention and Management

Integrated Treatment Model: JRA Tool

Practical Aerobic Conditioning: Aerobics for Physical Conditioning

Prerequisite: This Academy is for Juvenile Corrections Personnel only.

Application: Corrections Division Academy Application.doc / Corrections Division Academy Application.pdf

Submit Application:
  Nichol Girten, Registrar - Fax: 206.835.7922 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Questions:  Brandon Rogel, Assistant Commander - 206.835.7379 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it