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Telecommunicator I: Basic Call Taker


Telecommunicator II: Fire and Police Dispatch

Communications Training Officer (CTO)


NEW CLASS! Communications Training Officer II (CTO II)

Advanced Communications Training Officer (ACTO)

Communications Center Supervisor

Instructor Development

Telecommuncator IV: Survival Communications

Dates Added! TERT (Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce)Leader

Dates Added! TERT(Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce) Member

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PSAP Class Schedule  (Updated 08/24/2011)  Always check class pages for most current dates/locations!

FAQ and Quick Links

Can anyone attend your classes?

          No.  Only Public safety telecommunicators employed at a recognized PSAP in the State of Washington.  Employees from other call centers, government agencies or security departments will not be accepted. 

Do you offer pre-employment training?

         No, you must first be hired at a recognized PSAP (Public Safety Answer Point) in the State of Washington before you can come to our training. 
Do you offer your courses on-line?
        No, at this time our telecommunicator courses are not available on-line. 

Is 911 Hiring?

       You can check the WSCJTC Employment page under 9-1-1 to see current postings.

Does Washington State accept out of state certifications?

          Washington State does have equivalency.  You can read the details at About Equivalency.


I took some training there; can I get a copy of my transcript?

          Transcript requests are handled by the Public Disclosure Officer by email or FAX. You can see additional information on our Public Disclosure page.


I’m employed as a telecommunicator in the State of Washington and I would like to find out about:


 For additional information about the WSCJTC Telecommunicator Program, please go to our Program Information page.